Stanley Black & Decker – Building 600 Officially Completed

Building 600, first and second floors, at Stanley Black & Decker are officially completed! Employees moved into the building last week.

Construction is proceeding towards completion at Stanley Black & Decker Building 600. The second floor move-in is scheduled for mid-September and the first floor is scheduled for October 7th. HVAC, Electrical, and IT work are mostly complete on the second floor and 60% complete on the first. Perimeter windows are being replaced on both floors and rooftop HVAC equipment is being set with multiple crane lifts.

All walls on the second floor have been framed, and drywall is being installed. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, IT and security systems are proceeding with installation. We are working on both the first and second floors, with the first floor following the second by approximately two weeks. The first will catch up as work proceeds.

We are continuing construction on Building 600 at Stanley Black & Decker. All duct-work, conduit, and equipment will be left visible to create a more open office feel. Construction will be complete in October.