Award-winning Project


Little Italy/Baltimore


Working from basic drawings sufficient to get a permit, A.R. Marani replaced the HVAC system and completely renovated the first and second floors of the building. By using careful staging and scheduling, the kitchen, table service and the carry out all remained in operation during the renovations. We worked out the actual details and finishes with the owner during construction.

The sales counter and kitchen equipment were temporarily relocated to the second floor while the first floor was completely demolished back to the structure.

We installed the new HVAC system with exposed ductwork and structure in the customer area. We installed a new ceramic floor with a marble inlayed rosette at the entrance. The existing aluminum windows were wrapped with cherry molding to coordinate with the other finishes giving it a more finished look.

We faced the challenges of accommodating the owner with the vision and look he wanted. We fitted all of the aspects into the small space and kept it within a tight budget and schedule.

Once we completed the first floor, we moved to the second floor where we were going to replace the HVAC unit and update the finishes. This changed when the owner decided that the first-floor appearance created such good comments from customers, that the second floor finishes had to duplicate those of the first floor. Despite this major change A.R. Marani, Inc. was able to accommodate the owner’s wishes in an economical and timely fashion.

Project Details:
Architect Lou Battstone
Size 2,000 sf
Cost $405,284
Award 2010 Excellence in Construction
General Contractors – Renovation
Associated Builders & Contractors