University of Maryland, Plaza Garage – Signage & Wayfinding



The Project consisted of the removal of existing signage and wayfinding devices, scrape / clean existing painted surfaces before repainting. New signage and graphics throughout the entirety of the 6-level underground parking garage totaling approximately 90,000 SF. The entry booth was also re-cladded in metal siding and repainted.

The project involved extremely tight coordination as the parking garage remained open and occupied throughout the project. The garage remained in operation twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days per week.  ARM submitted phasing plans to show the maintenance of pedestrian and vehicular traffic using signage, barricades, and other traffic control measures in order to execute maintenance of traffic and phasing throughout the duration of the project. ARM was allotted approximately 100 parking spaces per phase, which is only about a third of each level.  

There were various existing conditions that had to be examined and evaluated before work could proceed. Wall conditions needed to be consistently measured and monitored for moisture and humidity before work could proceed. There were also locations with water infiltration that required additional remediation.

The re-cladding of the existing entry booth had multiple challenges from color matching to a redesign in order to make all the existing conduit and various boxes fit within the framing and cladding. Work on this had to be completed over night with limited traffic as the garage is open 24/7.

Project Details:
ARCHITECT Sanders Designs Architects, PA
SIZE 182,037 sf
COST $717,384