Award-winning Project

Temple Isaiah Synagogue



Construction of a 28,000 one story building with a structural steel framed roof bearing on both steel columns and beams and structural metal studs. The exterior façade is a combination of compound curved EIFS and specialty finished masonry. There is extensive site work consisting of widening of Route 216 per State Roads Commission requirements; paved driveways with parking area for 222 vehicles; storm drains; site lighting; sanitary septic system and a well system for potable water. The building is totally sprinklered and requires a 12,000 gallon storage tank with necessary appurtenances and fire pump to supply the sprinkler system.

A.R. Marani, Inc. was asked to create a preliminary budget based on a two-page hand sketch of the building. With a budget in hand, Temple Isaiah began the process of securing financing and refining the vision of their new home. Over the next two years A.R. Marani worked with Levin/Brown and the temple’s building committee to provide budget pricing, value engineering and design review.

In plan the building consists of a series of arcs, defined by interior and exterior walls. The first section encloses the Bema, the Sanctuary, the Gallery and the entrance Lobby. Off the Sanctuary is a wing for the full service kitchen, fire pump systems and a storage room. Moving outward from the Gallery there is a central courtyard enclosed by the building. To the right of the courtyard is the school with 5 classrooms and a youth lounge. To the left are the administration offices. Continuing outward from the courtyard are the nursery school classrooms. Beyond the final arc is the outdoor playground for the nursery school.
Constructing a building made up of arcs, some starting from different radius points was an exercise in care and patience. The exterior of the building was made of split faced CMU and EIFS. Continuing in the curved theme, on the public side of the building the EIFS creates a curved, overhanging cornice requiring extensive light gauge framing. Complicating this, much of this cornice is on arc walls, creating a compound curve in the cornice.

A.R. Marani, Inc. received a Merit Award from Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. for this project.

Project Details:
Architect Levin/Brown & Associates, Inc.
Size 28,000 sf
Cost $4.48 Million
Award 2004 Merit Award
General Contractors – New Project
Associated Builders & Contractors