Stanley Black & Decker Data Center



The Data Center renovation project’s primary goal was to completely encapsulate the walls surrounding the Data Center and change the entry and exit points of the Data Center.
This Data Center is the central hub for information coming in and out of the entire Stanley Black & Decker company. Keeping the servers running at all time was the paramount priority. This included keeping the area inside the data room dust free and maintaining power at all times.

The Data Center was built in the middle of the building and the entire surrounding areas were undergoing future renovations. So we had to seal up any holes in the walls/Sheetrock of the Data Center so the room would be completely sealed from the outside. This included patching holes above the ceiling in the same room as the servers as well as adding Sheetrock to the walls on the outside taking the walls all the way up to the deck in some areas that were over 20 feet high.

We needed negative air running at all times and HEPA vacuums running any time dusty work was occurring. We modified four entrances into the Data Center so dust barriers had to be erected inside the Data Center so no dust or debris got into the equipment.
There was a raised platform floor inside the Data Center that allowed all of the cables to be ran below the floor. This raised platform had to be modified and patched where the entrances to the Data Center were changed.

Project Details:
Architect id3A Interior Design Architecture
Size 10,535 sf
Cost $340,870