Award-winning Project

St. Pius X Church



The project entailed a complete renovation of the sanctuary interior, a new exterior patio, installation of a new three-stop Delmarva hole-less LULA hydraulic elevator and reinforcing the sanctuary floor framing at the Altar area. The lower level sanctuary was also cosmetically renovated after revisions to the floor framing of the upper sanctuary were completed.

The exterior patio was designed with a foundation capable of supporting a future one story space with walls and roof. This required revising the main entrance drive and adjacent walks. A.R. Marani, Inc. suggested and revised the foundation of the patio to utilize screw piles in lieu of excavating to the level of the basement footings and having to underpin the existing building corner.

The upper sanctuary had all pews removed and completely restored. The existing plaster ceiling of the Nave was removed and a new arched ceiling with double layer of sheet rock and side coffers was installed. The Altar was totally reconstructed, along with new marble floors and steps. A small Chapel was constructed for weekday services behind the main Altar. A large arch “Reredos” was field constructed with a cross hanging from the arch as the sanctuary centerpiece.

All work was planned and scheduled so the Church was able to hold its normal services.

Project Details:
Architect Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
Size 17,200 sf
Cost $1.7 Million
Award 2010 Excellence in Construction
General Contractors – Renovation
Associated Builders & Contractors