Award-winning Project

St. Louis Parish Entrance & Bell Tower



The company was selected to be the Construction Manager/General Contractor to assist with the design process, progress pricing, and GMP development for the new entrance and bell tower at the St. Louis Roman Catholic Parish.

The existing entrance was insufficient for the needs of the church. The new entrance design significantly expanded the entrance portico so that it could be an exterior gathering area. The work included new concrete stairs, landings, and perimeter stone walls. The steps and portico included cast in place heating coils to melt ice and snow in the event of colder weather.

The larger, most significant portion of the work was the construction of a new 50-foot-tall bell tower. The tower is constructed with a concrete and steel structure. Brick and stone veneer enclosed the concrete and steel. Concrete arches were formed and poured at the top of the tower to provide the structure necessary for the brick veneer and steel support for the bells.

The five bells were contracted to be fabricated by the centuries old McShane Bell Foundry in London, England. After fabrication, the bells were shipped to Boston and then to the Midwest to be finished, polished, and fitted with the clappers and ringing systems. The bells were then shipped to the Parish in Clarksville, Maryland. ARM personnel installed the bells using scaffolding, cranes, and forklifts.

High intensity lighting throughout the tower illuminates the entire structure. An intricate ringing system allows for multiple sounds to be heard from the five bells.

Project Details:
Architect JMT Architecture
Size 2,315 sf
Cost $857,005
Award 2020 Merit Award
General Contractors – New Project