St. Charles Villa Fitness Center



An addition to the existing building was constructed to house an in-ground swimming pool with some fitness equipment for retired priests to use.

The location of the addition was on a sloping hillside and although soil borings were taken, excavation for the footings and pool disclosed poor soil conditions. Working with the structural engineer we were able to increase the footing widths and pool supports without lowering the footings to extreme depths.

The poured in place pool utilized a troweled on finish with ceramic tile at pool perimeter and deck.

Special HVAC equipment was utilized to control humidity since the roof structure was laminated wood beams and a tongue and groove wood roof deck. Vapor barrier and vented roof insulation was installed with access to soffit vents to allow any moisture that penetrated the system to escape.

To allow for future maintenance of the pool water piping and filtration systems, an access tunnel was provided along one side of the pool.

Despite the delay caused by the poor soil conditions and several revisions to the HVAC system and the pool water systems, the project was completed within the owner’s budget and time schedule.

Project Details:
Architect Gaudreau, Inc.
Cost $1.17 Million