Award-winning Project

Sandy Hill Camp

North East


Sandy Hill Camp is located in Cecil County near North East and sits on 211 acres of forest, fields and beaches overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. The camp has several hundred children per week filtering through many activities such as rope climbing, water skiing, zip lines, and horseback riding. The new facility is over 8,000 sf and can house almost 900 people. It consists of a large stage for theatrical productions and a gymnasium floor consisting of one full size basketball court, one half basketball court and two full size volleyball courts.

The project consisted of a split-faced masonry exterior shell and wood truss roof. The interior finishes included T-111 stage veneer and a synthetic athletic floor system simulating a maple hard wood finish. The stage had custom built flip-up panels, which would later serve as part of a climbing wall system. Custom metal brackets were scattered around the gym at various elevations and locations for securing an elaborate ropes course. The facility is protected by a dry sprinkler system. A bio-retention pond was installed behind the building as part of the storm water management requirements.

Prior to contract award, we worked closely with the owner and architect to present value engineering concepts creating a $50,000 cost savings without impacting the overall feel and function of the building. One suggestion, using smooth faced block in lieu of split faced at the eaves so the soffit had a smooth block to butt against, saved money and improved the look of the structure. We also worked closely with the truss manufacturer to redesign the trusses to satisfy the roof loads and gym equipment loads while still providing necessary clearances for the indoor activities.

Project Details:
Architect Skorpa Design Studio, LLC
Size 8,376 sf
Cost $1 Million
Award 2011 Merit Award
General Contractors – New Project
Associated Builders & Contractors