Roland Park Pool Pump House



Roland Park Pool hired ARM to replace their small pump house with a new structure that matches the adjacent building. While replacing the small pumphouse, we also redesigned the drainage to eliminate the frequent ponding in the area during rains.

As part of the small pumphouse work we were to remove and then reinstall the existing pool pump system and the 50-gallon electric water heater for the adjacent bathroom. To significantly reduce energy use, the owner agreed to our suggestion of installing a more efficient pool pump and a tankless water heater.

Our contract also included installing a drain and sump pump in their main pumphouse. Due to its low elevation and the proximity to a nearby stream, the main pumphouse floor was always wet and it flooded with several inches of water after any heavy rain. While we installed the sump pump, we located and repaired multiple entry points for ground water, installed a more extensive trench drain, an under slab drain and redesigned some existing interior storm water piping. The pool manager commented that, although they didn’t think it could be done, the pumphouse has remained dry since we completed the repairs. We also replaced the rickety interior wood stairs with new pressure treated stairs with non-skid surfaces and replaced the two dim light bulbs with three 8’ LED strip lights.

Project Details:
Size 1,000 sf
Cost $96,290