Our Lady of Victory Parish



The Our Lady of Victory campus is comprised of interconnected buildings that house a school, gymnasium, church and rectory. The project consisted of a 2,000-sf steel and glass addition to the existing Nave and Narthex, along with an extensive renovation to Nave, Sanctuary and Narthex. A sprinkler system was also added to the classroom below the Nave. Other interior renovations were included as part of the work.

Campus activities, including school and church functions, had to be maintained during the construction period. Coordination with construction operations entailed daily student drop off and pick up through the staging areas. The new addition wrapped around the existing building and extended 20’ above the roof of the existing structure.

The addition is an open structure without any ceilings or interior walls. Extensive care was taken during the installation of ducts, conduits, structural steel, etc. because everything would be visible. As part of this process the structural steel was painted with a tinted primer that matched the finish paint color so that difficult to reach areas were already correctly colored.

During the course of construction ARM was able to identify cost savings, freeing up funds that allowed OLV to enhance the renovations. The exterior aluminum rain skin system was changed to a composite metal panel system resulting in thousands of dollars in savings. ARM worked with the architect to redesign the entrance to the building, providing steps and ADA ramp access. We also made changes to the mechanical systems resulting in savings and increased efficiency.

Project Details:
Architect Murphy & Dittenhafer, Inc.
Size 11,800 sf
Cost $1.33 Million