Mount de Sales Academy



Mount de Sales Academy’s main school building, built in phases between 1852-1882, is an historically registered building in Baltimore County. The west wing of the 4th floor was last utilized in the 1980’s. We renovated this floor into nine classrooms, an office and restrooms. For ADA access we replaced the existing elevator and shaft and extended it to the 4th floor. To minimize the impact, the work was phased over two summers when the school was closed. The elevator installation was scheduled for a second summer.

During the first summer, we completed demolition, adding 3rd floor structural steel to reinforce the 4th floor, drywall, ceiling grid, sprinkler piping, electrical and plumbing rough-ins. The school added several small projects to be completed during the 2nd summer schedule. Preparation for this was done in the months leading up to the summer. This included work on the exterior staircase, Chapel expansion, window restoration and science classroom construction.

The Phase 2 Summer work included completion of the 4th floor renovations consisting of repairs and refinishing the existing heart-pine wood floors in the hallways, VCT in the classrooms, fire alarm, and re-glazing and restoring the existing windows.

Concurrently with the second summers work, the existing Chapel was expanded by opening a load bearing wall and providing custom profile trim to match the existing side Chapel opening. An exterior stair was added between the 4th floor and 3rd floor porches to provide an additional code required exist for the 4th floor. An existing classroom in the basement was renovated to create a new science classroom.

Project Details:
Architect JMT Architecture
Size 26,400 sf
Cost $1.18 Million