Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health MICUA Labs



The project consisted of the complete demolition and renovation of four laboratory suites, each one being approximately 3,700 SF. The work was done in two phases, with two suites being renovated during each phase.

The new labs required walls, flooring (carpet, VCT and sheet vinyl), ceilings, metal / epoxy laboratory casework, millwork, lighting systems, power, tele / data, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, ATC building controls, exterior windows and miscellaneous laboratory equipment (glass washers / sterilizers and bio-safety cabinets).

During the project, three large change orders were issued. The first was to add the renovation of an existing laboratory suite (approximately 1,400 SF) that included all new Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems, finishes, epoxy flooring, special lighting systems.

The second was to renovate a portion of another existing suite (approximately 2,100 SF) with the addition of MEP equipment, laboratory casework and a large sterilizing system. The third change order was to renovate the corridors between the various suites (approximately 1,500 SF) with new paint, flooring, ceilings, lights and sprinkler systems.
This work took place during both regular hours, as well as off-hours, with surrounding laboratory suites being in use as the work occurred.

Project Details:
Architect Design Collective, Inc.
Size 19,800 sf
Cost $5.8 Million