University of Maryland Clarence Mitchell Jr. Building, 3rd fl Renovation


This project at the University of Maryland College Park was a major mechanical renovation with minor architectural improvements. The third floor of the Mitchell Building is an office space built into the building’s attic.

The existing AHU was demolished and replaced with a new dual temp water service AHU. Access to the third floor is very limited so the AHU arrived in 3 sections, which were assembled in the mechanical room. There was no way to rig the AHU sections into the space, so the sections had to be carried up the stairs. The rigging company had a unique stair climbing lift, which was used to carry the AHU sections to the mechanical room.

The Mitchell Building is not sprinkled, and with the construction being in the attic, the room for any ductwork is very limited. A fire-rated return air plenum was constructed in the main hall and reception area and then ducted to the AHU return. Fire dampers were installed in each room adjacent to the fire rated plenum to provide individual room returns.

Thirty-one rooms received new drywall, ACT ceilings, and in most cases, new doors. 17 VAVs with electric reheats were installed to serve the area.

The main electric and mechanical rooms are located on the ground floor. Two new electrical services and new dual temp piping were installed from the ground floor to feed the AHU and new breaker panels.

Project Details:
Architect University of Maryland, Facilities Management, Planning & Construction
SIZE 5,673 sf
COST $1.26 Million