Barracudas Tavern

Locust Point


Barracudas Tavern located in Locust Point in Baltimore City had a fire in July of 2021 that destroyed almost the entire building except for the kitchen. The fire unfortunately left the building as a shell, in need of a complete renovation. 

Two fire restoration companies were contracted to get the building watertight; however, neither company wanted to be involved in the reconstruction of the building. With the help of Nolan McCoy of the Archdiocese, a design team was put together and ARM was selected as the General Contractor to renovate Barracudas. 

A.R. Marani completed the demolition and stabilization of the interior of the building. The first-floor bar was reconstructed based on the original layout of the Tavern. The second-floor bar was installed with the utilization of salvaged materials from the fire. Additionally, A.R. Marani installed all new finishes, new flooring, and painting throughout the building. A new HVAC system was installed as well as plumbing and an electrical system. We excavated the cellar and poured a concrete floor and walls to allow for additional storage of dry goods. ARM designed and constructed storage cabinets that were also installed behind the 1st floor bar.

The exterior was repainted, and new windows were installed on the second floor. New storefront doors were fitted on the side and front of the building. A new state-of-the-art sound system was installed, including several TV’s and point of sales were all redone. A perfect location for watching the Ravens games! 

The Owner hired a local artist to paint the famous Baltimore saying, “Jeet Yet?” on the front of the building as well as the Barracudas Logo and a mural on the side of the Tavern. 

Project Details:
Architect East Wing Architects
Size 1,171 sf
Cost $569,185