Award-winning Project

Bank Offices at Canton Crossing IV



The existing one story office building was fully occupied by the owner. The owner wanted to add two stories to the building while continuing to occupy the first floor.

The roof framing and exterior wall framing could not sustain the two story addition. Consequently new footings had to be installed inside the building and outside the building perimeter. Columns then had to be installed through the existing roof to the footings. All this work was done while the building was fully occupied and operating as a working business. The roof penetrations for the columns had to be kept water tight to protect not only the occupants, but also a large quantity of computer and electronic equipment.

The work of installing the footings and columns required very complicated coordination with the building’s occupants.

Once the columns and second floor framing were in place then the second and third floor addition were completed. The fact that the second floor was elevated high enough above the roof allowed the existing building to remain watertight.

The owner then vacated the first floor and moved into the two upper floors. The first floor was renovated after the move.

Project Details:
Architect Arium, Inc.
Size 9,000 sf
Cost $980,125
Award 2007 Excellence in Construction
General Contractors – Interior Fitout;
Owner Occupied
Associated Builders & Contractors